4/13/2006 10:30:00 AM
why? Why? WHY?
the question that bounces
off the walls of my hollow existence
i'm staring into the emptiness i see in the mirror
my face, my arms, my soul --
an all consuming machine
a black hole --
whatever can be thrown in is
and nothing ever escapes
not even me

who? Who? WHO?
can reach in and save me
not you

how? How? HOW?
can this be?!?
a larger emptiness
a broader gulf than mine?
the cosmos
the cloudy pitch sky falling on top of me!
i am holding out my arms
"back i say you, back!"
i'm flailing, but the void is ethereal
i see nothing now
not even my own emptiness
for it has been swallowed by something else
a darkness the larger than space and time

whose? Whose WHOSE?
is it?!?
not mine

i'm suspended now
just my nothingness suspended in nothingness
i am worthless, now part of the abyss

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Blogger joe kennedy said at 4/13/2006 7:53 PM...
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