fundamentalism 3: evangelism
5/12/2006 11:43:00 PM
An interesting study was done by the Barna Group shows that groups that are more passionate about the Bible tend to be more passionate about evangelism. Surprisingly, the group that came out on top weree not fundamentalists, but where charismatics. The study showed that groups that were more likely to study there Bibles on a regular basis were more likely to do evangelism. Barna says:

The groups whose adherents are most likely to possess biblical perspectives are also those whose adherents are most actively pursuing spiritual experiences. The churches where people?s beliefs have strayed farthest from the Bible tend to be those in which the people are least involved in religious and spiritual pursuits.
Another study that compared the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship to the Southern Baptist Convention shows that CBF churches ever since the split from the Southern Baptist Convention has steadily been declining. It takes 92 CBF members to baptize one person, while in the SBC, it takes 44 The CBF has often called he "conservative resurgence" in the SBC the "fundamentalist takeover". But the trends speak. The "fundamentalist" group is doing a better job of baptizing more than its progeny.

If anything, this should say something to fundamentalist who claim they are passionate about God's word, yet they are getting beat out by charismatics in terms of evangelism.

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