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6/14/2006 02:02:00 PM
Morris Chapman said these word in an appeal to the SBC to "Major on the majors."
I appeal to every Southern Baptists pastor: Major on the majors in our churches. We have no time to lose, no time to be distracted from our calling -- missions and evangelism.

A continuation of the constant politicization of this convention and its churches will come at the price of turning conservative brother against conservative brother, of losing church members who love Jesus, love the Bible, love the church, love the convention, love the Kingdom of God and love world missions and at the price of losing the favor of God upon us.

Our commission for sending missionaries to the ends of the earth is to scatter the seed of the Gospel. Our compulsion to scatter the seed is the transforming power of Jesus' death on the cross.
This is what the Southern Baptist Convention was designed for, and I am thankful that a number of resolution that were propsed were not passed. One such was from Roger Moran who wants Southern Baptists to leave public school for "Christian" alternatives to public school such as homeschooling and private schools. He feels that children are being indoctrinated by the government to accept the homosexual lifestyle. While this may be true, it does nothing to solve the problem, and really leave the lost to there own vices. The SBC alternately passed a resolution enouraging the SBC to engage the culture. Thisseems to be more in line with what is at the heart of the SBC: Missions.

The election of Frank Page as president will put somebody who supports missions at the helm, demonstrated by his Cooperative Program giving, but I hope that the Cooperative Program does not become the means, but the means to the end, which is missions, as Chapman asserts.

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