fundamentalism 6: conclusion
5/22/2006 12:26:00 AM
The primary thing that I think we can learn from fundamentalism is that it is necessary to maintain strong doctrine so missions don't become meaningless. The life-changing experience Jesus brings comes from a high view of the Bible, and taking what it says seriously. The idea of missions is really an absurd concept apart from Christ. We don't believe missions is important because it's a neat thing to do, we believe missions is important because we believe people need Jesus.

Secondary to the former, the other thing we can learn is that calling somebody a "fundamentalist" is really rather pointless. I think I have established that fundamentalism is at best a vague term used to describe a certain sect of people that have a high view of doctrine. The spectrum of fundamentalism is wide, and depends on whom you are talking to. To me, it has less to do with fundamentalism and more to do with name-calling. Rather than calling somebody a "fundamentalist", explain that person's viewpoint, ask questions, and seek clarity. Fundamentalist are stereotypically the ones who construct straw-men arguments. Calling people fundamentalist is hardly any different. Also, be prepared to be called a "liberal." These guys are the sworn enemy of fundamentalist.

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