son of man on the moon
7/07/2006 11:17:00 PM
Sometimes I wonder where American Christianity is going. It seems at times that Christians do some pretty ridiculous things. First, there was This originally had the tagline, "It's not my space, it's His space." Okay, a Christian alternative to MySpace. That's not that bad I guess, but it seems to be creating a subculture rather than engaging the one we already have. That's another issue. Read some of my previous rants if you want to hear about that. Second there was 10 Commandments Day. I stumbled across the site and couldn't beleive my eyes when I started to read the stuff they had posted there. It was a political advocacy group for the Ten Commandments. I thought that was pretty ridiculous, but it gets better. A church in Memphis built a 72 foot tall replica of the Statue of Liberty (calling it the "Statue of Liberation") and replaced the torch with a cross and the book in the other had with the Ten Commandments. The pastor says people can't drive by the church without thinking of their relationship with God.

If American Christianity is going to continue in this course, I think I'd like to make a modest proposal of a project that is sure to get the attention of the world: We could carve the face of Jesus into the moon large enough so that anyone with a naked eye could see it. From then on people will not be able to look at the moon without thinking of their relationship with God. I even have a name for this project: Son of Man on the Moon. It is sure to cost billions of dollars, so we will need everyone to contribute.

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