too emergent?
4/26/2006 10:39:00 AM
Interesting: an emergent community swapping liturgy for drama. Here is the original article published by the Wall Street Journal.
No one preaches at Hot Metal Bridge. Plays are its liturgy. Mr. Walker, a soon-to-be ordained United Methodist minister, leads the church with his friend Jeff Eddings, a Presbyterian seminarian. "Instead of coming to our church and listening to a sermon, you can be part of the sermon," Mr. Walker says. On Sunday when many ministers all over the country will be complaining about church attendance the rest of the year, Hot Metal will be grappling with where to put the 300 people who pack the Goodwill Industries cafeteria every Sunday, not just Easter and Christmas.

Hot Metal Bridge is part of the emergent church movement that rejects rigid orthodoxy and strives to use hip language and culture to draw in young Americans who stopped, or never started, attending church.

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Blogger joe kennedy said at 4/27/2006 1:31 AM...
hip language.


you know, except for jeff watkins, i've only heard people over the age of 40 use the word "hip."

and example of their usage is, "I'm hip. I'm cool. Come on. I'm hip."

no. no you're not. =D
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